Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keep it Simple

With the ever growing worry about the economy and corporate spending, less is more seems to be the new trend. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, you don't have to sacrifice good design and aesthetics while working with a low budget. A good designer knows how to make the most of any budget. A good designer also knows where to scale back and also what is absolutely necessary for a successful piece.

The sign in the photo above is for a newly renovated apartment community. They had a limited budget for a new sign since they were spending the majority of their budget on interior renovations. In order to make the most of their budget, the existing sign structure was refurbished and salvaged for the new sign. The photo below shows the old sign.

By using simple materials, an existing structure, and a fresh new panel design, the sign looks more expensive than it was. In order to save cost on lighting, the sign panel is a bright brushed aluminum and the letter faces have a reflective surface. Simple details such as the dimensional letters, the aluminum surround on the cap, and the spaced off main panel, give the sign a more complex look and richer feel. Again, good design can be affordable. You just have to find the right designer.