Friday, February 20, 2009

The Objects of Inspiration

Many Artists and Designers can agree that the most mundane everyday items can be a source of inspiration. Sometimes the inspiration lies in the way these items are constructed, the color of the item, or simply the material used to make them. Below are some examples of items that inspired some of my designs. For instance, an ordinary metal IKEA trash bin served as inspiration for a perforated mesh sign face for MAC Fitness.
The material and construction of metal venetian office blinds was my inspiration for a restaurant entrance sign.
The edge of my laptop's monitor served as my inspiration for construction of a fabric awning frame.
The translucent material of a ballpoint pen inspired some of my translucent sign letters. Lastly, the translucent cutting mat with printed surface served as my inspiration for a custom, translucent, matte finish ADA elevator floor level indicator.
Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. You just have to be open to finding it.


Anonymous said...

j--I love this! its so fun to see the images side by side.

certainly is funny where inspiration comes from and where it can take you


Anonymous said...

I am inspired a lot by retail spaces such as Ikea and Anthropology. I enjoy window shopping at clothing or furniture stores. The colors and patterns always help to spark a new color palette. The store layouts always inspire new ways to look at arranging a space whether in a room or on a page.

I also look alot at home furnishing/decorating catalogs that come in the mail such as Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, and West Elm. Sometimes the room layouts can be overwhelming but it is a great opportunity to examine spacial relations; what is the focus of the room is parallel with the focal point of your layout in design, white space is applicable as well.

The bottom line is I am always observing color, form and space in whatever my surroundings might be. I find I get the most inspiration from those unique settings that challenge me to look at space differently.