Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creative Cover

Sometimes when creating signage for buildings or entryways, we forget that there are other elements that can play a crucial role in the overall design. By collaborating with Architects and the structure of the building, awnings, canopies, and other elements of architecture can be cleverly integrated with sign graphics to create a unique environment and impactful design scape. Below are some unique canopies that are creative and inspirational.

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Steve brown said...

Awnings have been adding character to a variety of different style buildings and homes for nearly two hundred years. Simple in appearance and designed to be functional, the very first fabric awnings were only installed when and where they were needed. Originally, the awnings sole purpose was to shield unwanted sunlight and precipitation, and not to be decorative. You might say that the unique visual appeal they've added to our streetscapes was an unintended consequence. Before the invention of air conditioning, awnings provided natural climate control by allowing cool air to circulate throughout interior rooms while the windows were left open. They were also very beneficial to store owners in a way that allowed people to continue with their window shopping on rainy days. Awnings and canopies are commonly confused but if you are intent on providing yourself with some extra outdoor living space a t home or on your caravan or rv trip then you should really recognize the difference.This article looks at the difference and some of the very best choices in awnings and canopies, whether for your home or your motorhome or rv or caravan..